As we operate in a wedding industry we have built our business around a complete service promise. Quality is at the very heart and when you place an order with us you can be guaranteed that what we deliver to you matches your specifications and expectations.

Highly recommended as there is no better way to fall in love with a wedding dress like trying it on!

We are based at Office 2 Mclaren House, Crowthorne Corner, Garlicke Drive, Ballito, 4420

Fittings & Viewings details are as follows:

  1. Please contact Chanelle (via email / phone / whatsapp) at the boutique to book your appointment.
  2. Appointments cost R400 and the consultation is 1.5hr long.
  3. You are more than welcome to bring along 2 of your special people to the fitting.
  4. We ask that you please don’t take photos.

Still shopping your options? This is a great place to start. 

  • As we are dealing with the Australian Dollar, we are governed by the exchange rate. It is for this reason that quotes are only valid for 7 days from date on quotation.
  • We obviously want to give you the best available rate so we will contact you shortly after your quote request just to finalise a few things.

Already know what you want and feel confident you have made your decision? Fantastic, well here are your next steps:

  1. Select your dress, sizes and any notes you would like to add. Add to ‘Request a Quote’.
  2. Don’t worry too much about sizing at this stage as we’ll confirm the details according to our size chart using your measurements when we contact you.
  3. Once we have received your quote, we’ll send you an email requesting the professional measurements of your bust, waist (smallest measurement of your torso), hips (lower bottom – not bones), and hollow to hem (with wedding shoes on).
  4. Once we have received your details, we’ll match you to the generic sizing of our size chart. We make the length measurement in 5cm increments so we’ll round your measurement.
  5. Once you receive your dress, alterations / tweaks are very common. All alteration costs are covered by the Bride.

Oh South Africa and their shipping costs!

  • As these dresses are order from Made With Love in Australia, we have to  charge a rough estimate of R2800 which covers shipping and customs.
  • We will refund you any money due to you after your dress has come into the country and we have received the invoice from Customs and the shipping company.

Returns / Refunds

Your dress is made specifically for you, so unfortunately we cannot offer a refund. Fortunately, so far, this has not been a problem. If, before you order, you would like to see more photos of your design, we are happy to send you more images from our photoshoots and behind the scenes. The dresses we have for our photoshoots are the same dress as the samples in our boutiques, and will be the same as your dress.

Changed your mind?

Unfortunately we do not refund due to change of mind. If we haven’t started your dress you are more than welcome to change your order but we cannot refund. We cannot either refund you if you feel that dress does not suit you, as this dress was made specifically for you.

Your dress has arrived – the very next step:

  • Please try on the dress as soon as possible without make-up, lotions or fake-tan.
  • Made With Love make your dress according to the size the measurements you gave us matched. We highly recommend all our brides have their measurements professionally taken. Because each body is exceptional, you might find that going to a local alterations shop is an easy way to make the dress fit exactly how you like it to fit, particularly for tight fitting dresses. The reason we can afford to keep our prices low is because we do not have the fittings other bridal stores have while we make the dresses. This practice works well for us because it works well for our brides; it’s less complicated, keeps time and cost demands low and gives us a good excuse to keep prices low. Win-win!
  • In the rare occasion you think we have made a mistake with the measurements, please send us a few photos and we’ll happily ensure that it is fixed up at our cost. Unfortunately, we can only cover costs if the misfit is brought to our attention within 24 hours of delivery.